We create coaching conversations

We coach senior managers to achieve higher levels of performance, personal satisfaction and wellbeing, through getting alongside, understanding, listening, questioning and supporting.

We coach teams of leaders to improve their effectiveness and create a partnership culture that has strong common values and beliefs.

We coach one-to-one and teams through coaching conversations to improve working relationships.

We use a unique DOLPHIN model in structured discussions, alongside other tools and techniques tailored to the individual, that help senior managers to find their own solutions, increasing awareness, ownership and final outcomes.

We can use a variety of assessment tools. MBTI, EQi, PCS and Denison.  If you want to know more about these see.

“Fantastic. Mark is a brilliant and very sensitive coach. I have learned a lot around how to make the best of myself, as well as some really practical tools and techniques to work though specific challenges." [Coachee A]

"Mark made a huge contribution to my life.  Thanks to the coaching I started to become the kind of leader, manager and person that I really wanted to be" [Director B]

“Working with Mark was an incredible experience and both my personal and working life have changed profoundly as a result.” [Chief Officer C]

“Clearly Mark has the skills, experience (both of coaching and of life) and competence.” [Vice Chancellor D]

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